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20 Great Instagram Accounts for Food Snobs, Cocktail Drinkers and Aesthetes

These Instagram accounts promise mouthwatering food and cocktails, behind-the-camera talent and smartly curated photos.


Posting pictures of food online has become so common that it’s become something of a cliché. Bad food photography is almost as common on social media as the selfie, but that doesn’t mean that voyeuristic foodies should lose hope. Talented chefs and food photographers are ‘gramming some seriously desirable still-life scenes and travel shots. We’ve selected these 20 food Instagram accounts for their mouthwatering food and cocktails, talent behind the camera and smartly curated photos. If you’re in need of some culinary inspiration, these are the accounts to follow now.

Alice Gao


Alice Gao is a Brooklyn-based food photographer with an eye for great food and minimalist design. She’s mastered the art of arranging food to look good.

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Food in the Air


Food in the Air is the name of a group of friends who combine food photography with travel photography. The result is guaranteed to inspire envy.

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Julie Lee


Julie Lee’s Instagram account, Julie’s Kitchen, started out as a way to document local food offerings in the Los Angeles area, but has grown into a foodie phenomenon. Her trademark is a well-arranged meal set against a white background or tablecloth.

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Indie Farmer


Indie Farmer is an online magazine that covers independent farmers and farm culture. They’re big advocates for the slow food movement. Indie Farmer’s photography will give you new appreciation for how much time and love goes into creating quality ingredients.

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Joann Pai


Joann Pai is a food and travel photographer from Vancouver who lavishes attention on her subjects, whether it’s a person, a landmark or bruschetta.

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Sneh Roy


This account belongs to the Australian author of Tasty Express. What sets her work apart? She’s all about the recipe.

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Teri Lyn Fisher & Jenny Park


This L.A. duo describes themselves as food stylists. They specialize in making food look as appetizing as possible, particularly baked goods.

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Marcus Nilsson


Marcus Nillson does everything from advertising to adventure photography, but he has a soft spot for food. His palate ranges from five-star cuisine to microwaved leftovers.

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The publication Punch is all about fine drinking, so it’s no surprise that their Instagram account has some very enticing cocktails.

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Daniel Kreiger


Daniel Kreiger is a food photographer who has worked for The New York Times. His photographs feel more like food reporting than food porn, particularly his reserved portraits of chefs, bar owners and friends.

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Adam Goldberg


The chief editor of Ambrosia and Drift magazines posts some mouthwatering stuff.

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Aran Goyoaga


Want so gawk at small plates and sweet treats? Follow the author of Small Plates and Sweet Treats on Instagram. She’s a two-time James Beard award finalist for food styling, so it couldn’t look better.

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Cereal focuses more on travel stories, but their travel tips will help you find some great food.

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Russ Crandall


Comfort food made with paleo ingredients dominates this author and blogger’s Instagram page.

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Tracy Benjamin


Photographer Tracy Benjamin shoots everything from food to Christmas trees. What ties it all together? An obsession with design (she calls it “pretty things”).

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Adam Rapoport


The editor in chief of Bon Appetit magazine can hold a camera as well as write. His Instagram provides a look into culinary life as well as at great food.

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Good Beer Hunting


Good Beer Hunting is a company that helps build beer brands, but they’re also beer lovers. Their Instagram feed is full of the world’s best brews — nothing more, nothing less.

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Brutal Magazine


Brutal Magazine‘s mission is to showcase culture through the lens of food. Their food photography is some of the most varied and original on the internet.

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Gather Journal


Gather Journal is an excellent food publication. What distinguishes their food photography is the sense of fun that permeates everything they do. In their words, they “like to play with our food.”

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Mimi Thorrison


Mimi Thorrison is a French chef, author and television personality.

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