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7 Meats That Make Better Jerky Than Beef

Beef may be the popular choice for jerky, but it’s not the only meat on the menu.

Chase Pellerin

Beef jerky has fed frontiersmen for centuries, and for good reason. It’s lightweight, high in protein, low in fat and full of energy. Today, beef jerky is a staple on hikes and road trips, and a tasty one at that. But there’s a whole world of dried meats out there, many more nutritious than beef. From turkey to salmon to kangaroo and venison, these are the best of the rest of ’em.

Field Trip Turkey Jerky
With zero grams of fat, turkey jerky is, by far, one of the healthier options compared to beef. $7

Mountain America Salmon Jerky
If you let the smell stop you from tasting it, you’re missing out on big, delicious flavor. And, like most oily fish, salmon is packed with Omega-3s for heart health. $21

House of Jerky Kangaroo Jerky
Kangaroo is a naturally smokey-tasting game meat that’s only started gaining popularity stateside in recent years. HoJ’s black pepper kangaroo jerky easily tops any bovine cut equivalent in flavor, mouthfeel and finish. $30+

Little Lamb Co. Lamb Jerky
High in Omega-3s, rich in protein and easily digestible, Little Lamb Co. Lamb Jerky makes an excellent energy-boosting midday snack. The initial taste is smokey, sweet and savory with a slightly funky finish. $28

Patagonia Buffalo Buffalo Jerky
Buffalo meat is naturally rich in flavor, high in protein and low in fat, a great foundation for any jerky. Although it’s healthy and flavorful, the low fat content makes for a dry and tough chew. $10

Jerky.com Venison Jerky
Venison is one of the healthier meats you can eat. Containing vitamins B6 and B12, it promotes heart health and supports lean muscle. Jerky.com’s seasoning and marinade brings initial bite with pepper but follows up with a sweet finish. $9

Lawless Jerky Pork Jerky
After going through plain, salted jerky after jerky, we were surprised by Lawless Jerky’s big flavor, made with with gourmet dry rubs. Inspiration from Sichuan BBQ spare ribs comes through in cinnamon, cloves and ginger spices. $6

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