Café Du Monde Beignet Mix

Otherwise Known as Deep-Fried Dough


Based on the attention you all gave to the King Aurthur Flour Mini Doughnut Maker, we figured we’d share more with you in deep-fried goodness department. Anyone who has been to New Orleans and followed a guide books instructions has probably sampled the delicious offerings of Café Du Monde. If you enjoyed the experience, there’s no reason that you need to wait until your next Bourbon Street Bachelor Party to satiate your palette. Simply pick up a box of the restaurant’s Beignet Mix ($2.68), follow the instructions on the back, and you’ll be one step closer to powdered sugar induced cardiac arrest. Plan on feeding more than just two people for breakfast? Then we’d recommend doubling your order. Now excuse us while we go heat up the oil.

Buy Now: $2.68

Image courtesy of Manouk Rijper

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