Our Most Popular Recipes of 2016

Cassoulet. The French omelette.


You could argue that recipes don’t really belong on sites that cover products. Except that you’d be wrong. Like a hand-built bike or a 15-year-old Scotch, a beautiful dish, or a balanced cocktail, is the sum of process, the symbol of craft. These are the recipes our readers cooked most in 2016.

It’s Time You Learned How to Make an Old Fashioned

old fashioned gear patrol lead full
Henry Phillips

This isn’t the last Old Fashioned recipe you’ll learn. It’s the first.

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How to Make the Rolls-Royce of Beef, The Porterhouse Steak


Executive Chef Amiro Cruz, from Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, explains the proper process for cooking the king of beef.

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Your Weekend Breakfast Recipe: The French Omelette


Forget everything you thought you knew about making breakfast.

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Meet the King of Hearty Winter Stews, Cassoulet


A 14th-century invention, cassoulet is a hearty, caloric flavor bomb. And it’s perfect for winter nights.

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Italy’s Version of Macaroni and Cheese Is Better, Faster and Easier Too

macaroni cheese
Kristina Gill

Introducing cacio e pepe — straight from Rome to your kitchen.

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A Rye and Scotch Cocktail, Inspired by Pop’s Greatest Producer


The wall of sound, in cocktail form.

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Koreans Have Discovered a Cure for Hangovers — This Soup

Sam Horine

Put down the coconut water and make haejangguk instead.

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For the Perfectly Charred Steak, Go Direct-to-Charcoal

Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.

Why the “Eisenhower steak” should be a backyard staple.

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How to Make a Curry Feast

Chris DeLorenzo

In Sri Lanka, the joke goes that anything can be curried, from goat to pumpkin to cashew nuts.

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The Only Steak Sauce You’ll Ever Need

Lauren Volo

There’s something profound, maybe even a little magical, about a good steak sauce. Chimichurri is the one you want to know.

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A Vitamin-Rich Soup That’s Delicious Too

Eva Kolenko

The holidays are over, but your food hangover isn’t. Detox with this deceptively delicious vegetable soup.

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The Classic Martini, Three Ways

Chase Pellerin

The classic, time-tested martini — with a modern twist.

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Japan’s Chicken Nugget Is the Perfect Bar Food


It’s pronounced “kah-rah-ah-gay.” And it’s so, so good.

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