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This Australian Masterchef's Instagram Is Peak #FoodPorn

My morning routine now includes checking Instagram to see what Adam Liaw is eating.

adam liaw's instagram

From Gordon Ramsay roasting amateur chefs' meals on Twitter to over-stylized, borderline grotesque attempts at food photography, the internet is full of people trying to stake a claim at #FoodPorn. My take: follow "MasterChef Australia" season 2 winner Adam Liaw and skip all that mess.

Since the start of 2020, Liaw, who is also a TV host and food writer, has been posting daily photos of food he's made (Malaysian beef chuck rendang to Porcini cream fettuccini). The Malaysian Australian chef is a pro at presentation, with simple shots of meals atop a heavily used serving board. The magazine-quality food shots avoid being hoity-toity, which may be attributed to the naturally rustic aesthetic of the dishes.

Seriously, check out Liaw's Instagram right now. The first time I found his account, I scrolled for an hour. My morning routine now includes checking Instagram to see what Liaw ate the day before.

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Liaw also has a Youtube channel where he posts video recipes that are masterfully produced to look like a full-on television show. His accompanying blog features typed-out recipes to complement the Youtube videos.

While his Instagram photos don't give exact recipes, his captions usually provide just enough detail to understand the cooking process. Some posts are a slideshow, with the second picture detailing each ingredient and its measurement. And if you're lucky, he may even reply if you post a question.

He doesn't bless the internet with daily Youtube videos, but his Instagram meals are enough to get me to start cooking more and expanding my own recipe arsenal. You might be looking for some food inspiration yourself, or perhaps you just want to eat vicariously through Liaw. Either way, his meals are a treat to my Instagram feed.

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