Rendezvous Ribs Combo Package

Slab you silly


Dry rub or wet rub? A debate probably best left for another time. In the meanwhile, how about a third option: ‘Vous ribs. Based in Memphis, TN, Rendezvous Ribs has been serving up ribs to generations of Memphis residents, but you don’t have to be located in area code 901 to enjoy yourself a slab or shoulder. Their ribs are basted in a special vinegar solution before a dusting with a special blend of Greek-inspired spices. Rendezvous Ribs delivers their comestibles to just about anywhere via FedEx. Our recommendation, the Combo Package ($99), which includes 1 slab or ribs, 1 tub of shoulder, and all the fixings. Just remember that one slab feeds two people so gauge your hunger… wisely.

Buy Now: $99

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