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This Pasta’s Secret Ingredient: Leftover Beer Malt

Made with spent barley malts, Sfoglini’s BxB Radiators let you eat your beer (kind of).


Additions to traditional pasta, be it squid ink or spinach, elevate the familiar comfort food (and, let’s face it, make it more fun to eat). Sfoglini, a Brooklyn-based purveyor of specialty pastas, is no stranger to flavor infusions, producing limited-release styles with seasonal ingredients like basil, mint and porcini — and, more recently, spent grains. Created in collaboration with New York’s Bronx Brewery, Sfoglini’s BxB Radiators are made with organic semolina flour and grains used in the production of the brewery’s flagship American Pale Ale — Castle Chateau Pilsen, Castle Chateau Biscuit and Weyermann Vienna barley malts. What results is a nutty, roasted flavor that pairs well with meaty ragus, bitter greens like broccoli rabe, and, presumably, a Bronx Brewery pale ale.

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Looking for More Ways to Eat Your Beer?

ReGrained, named one of the top 10 most innovative products at the Specialty Food Association’s 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show, uses spent grains from three San Francisco breweries — Magnolia, Triple Voodoo and 21st Amendment — to make its granola bars.

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