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Patagonia — Yes, Patagonia — May Have Just Created Your New Favorite Beer

In collaboration with Dogfish Head, Patagonia made a light, crisp pilsner that's also good for the environment.

patagonia beer
Patagonia Provisions

When most people think about Patagonia, their mind goes to cozy fleece and super-warm down jackets. But in 2012, Patagonia expanded with Patagonia Provisions, a marketplace for responsibly sourced food and beverages. Now, Patagonia Provisions is releasing a new beer — Kernza Pils — in collaboration with one of the best craft breweries in the world, Dogfish Head.

Kernza Pils is a German-style pilsner brewed with organic barley and organic Contessa hops. The beer's main ingredient is Kernza, a perennial grain that was developed in 2008 by The Land Institute, a non-profit whose goal is to champion sustainable agriculture.

The development of Kernza was a breakthrough in regenerative agriculture. The crop's roots grow long and deep, making the soil healthier for other plants. It also draws carbon out of the atmosphere and into the dirt. In terms of what it does for the actual beer, Kernza adds a subtle spiciness that complements the beer's crisp and floral notes.

Kernza Pils isn't Patagonia's first beer. In 2016, the brand used Kernza to launch its Long Root Pale Ale, which has since been followed by Long Root Wit and Long Root IPA. The beers have only had a limited distribution in parts of the west coast, as well as select Asian markets.

Patagonia Provisions' collaboration with Dogfish Head makes a lot of sense considering the brewery's 25-plus-year history of creating innovative beers using organic and regenerative ingredients. Through this collaboration, Patagonia Provisions' beers will have wide distribution for the first time ever. And with more Kernza beers on the market, more Kernza farms will crop up, which will further benefit the earth.

Kernza Pils is available now in 15 states across the country. Head to Patagonia Provisions's website to see where you can find a six-pack near you.


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