Looking to Upgrade Your Kitchenware? Try These 2 Brands

Verve Culture and SharpEdge knives are both now on offer at the Gear Patrol Store.

a man using a japanese knife to cut vegetables on a cutting board
Gear Patrol Store

We're all doing a lot more cooking at home thanks to the global pandemic. Many have embraced that as an opportunity to experiment with new dishes, learn how to be a better home chef and to upgrade their kitchenware. If any of that sounds up your alley, then let us introduce two premium kitchenware brands we're excited to now carry in the Gear Patrol Store.

Verve Culture

Gear Patrol Store

Verve Culture is a mother/daughter team that seeks out authentic artisan kitchen goods that come with the story of where it's made, by whom and the history of the item itself. Verve Culture's goal is to help bring exposure to many different cultures while directly working with the artisans who have made these products for generations.

Products like the above Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set, a Tortilla Press Kit and a Thai Chef's Moon Knife are now all available at the Gear Patrol Store.

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SharpEdge was born in 2010 out of a love, respect and appreciation for Japanese chef's knives. For those in the know, there's nothing quite like cutting with an authentic Japanese chef's knife — the skill, mastery and precision that goes into hand-forging these blades goes back centuries. And SharpEdge is all about putting that superior knowledge at the forefront of its wonderful knives.

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