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What to Buy from Food52's In-House Brand, the Oxo of Millennial Home Gear

Food52 uses customer feedback to create the ultimate version of everyday kitchen and home goods.

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Food52 is a blog, community, recipe outlet and retailer. For more than a decade, the website's bread and butter has been how-to's, recipes and an expertly curated web store (a mix that's lead to a massive, millions-strong community). Food52 used this community to its advantage. The company picked the minds of its followers and designed its own line of kitchen and home goods under the umbrella of a new brand — Five Two — which features products and specs requested by the community. Everything from kitchen linens to a range of pots and pans is designed this way. While all of its products deserve the spotlight, these eight products are the items we keep coming back to.

Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags

Quit using those plastic bags at supermarkets for packing produce, and cop this eight-pack of reusable cotton pouches. Even though they're "produce bags," they're good for carrying basically anything. Customers voted on a grey colorway to make stains less noticeable, and the tags have tare weights so you don't pay extra at checkout.

Buy Now: $29

Airtight Silicone Lids

The Five Two line manages to find ways to swap out single-use plastics for reusable substitute like these silicone lids. The lids protect leftovers, prevent microwave splatter and cover pots and pans while cooking. We're keeping our eyes peeled for a square and rectangular set.

Buy Now: $40

Everyday Soft Cotton Napkins

Make eating at your dining table feel like eating at a restaurant. These fabric napkins, which are enzyme washed for softness on their first use, replicate the look and feel of linen but with easy-to-clean cotton.

Buy Now: $45

Essential Knives

The only three cooking knives you need are a chef's knife, paring knife and serrated knife. Five Two agrees, because it's the only three it carries in its line. They feature a weighty handle that makes them easy to control. Instead of stainless steel, the knives are made of carbon-infused steel, which can get dangerously sharp. These knives just look great, too.

Buy Now: $49-$139

Bamboo Cutting Board

This is truly the cutting board to rule all other cutting boards. It has an extra-deep groove around the perimeter for catching liquid and a pour spout so you don't miss out on any of those juices. With everyone reading recipes on their phones, the cutting board has a clever phone slot so you can follow along to your favorite recipes as you chop. Or you can continue your Netflix binge while you cook.

Buy Now: $59

Stoneware Mixing Bowls

Designed to look like vintage French cookware, these stoneware mixing bowls have hand-painted stripes and a wider-than-usual profile. They may look fragile, but these mixing bowls can take a heavy whisking. (They're dishwasher- and microwave-safe, too.)

Buy Now: $99

Essential Sauté Pan

If there's one pan you want from Five Two, it's this stainless steel one. It's fully clad, like that brand All-Something, but significantly cheaper. This sauté pan also has a bunch of features you won't find in the legacy cookware brand's wares like capacity markers, a stay-cool handle and a glass lid.

Buy Now: $119

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