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Looking for a Coffee Maker to Replace Your Keurig? Just Get This

Oxo's well-made 8-cup brewer is simple, fairly priced and brews the highest standard of coffee there is.

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There are more powerful coffee makers and coffee makers that look better on the countertop, but there is no coffee maker that does it all quite like Oxo's new 8-cup brewer. If you're in the market for a new brewer — whether you're replacing a Keurig or buying your first legit brewer — just get it. Here's why.

Price: $170


The best coffee, period

Dig a little into the consumer coffee world and you'll stumble in the Specialty Coffee Association, a coffee trade organization that works with coffee farmers, roasters, baristas and, naturally, the companies that make the brewers, too. Its Certified Home Brewer Program badge is the easiest way to ensure the coffee a machine brews is up to par. Oxo's 8-Cup is one of the most affordable brewers to make the cut.

Like a Keurig, but better

The 8-cup brewer can brew big carafes for a crowd, but it can also brew single cups of coffee like a Keurig does, minus the pods. Oxo even threw in a little kick-out table for your coffee mug to sit on under the brew basket, which helps limit splashing coffee around your brewer.

Countertop appeal

It looks good. I know it should be a moot point, but it looks damn fine on a countertop. It's not too tall or too bulky like most performance-minded coffee makers, and its generous use of metal lets it blend in with other kitchen appliances well.


OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker

OXO amazon.com
$177.99 (11% off)

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