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The World’s Strongest Coffee Is Now Available on Amazon

One cup contains double the daily recommended amount of caffeine.

Black Insomnia

Most people select coffee for its flavor, not its caffeine content. Consider Black Insomnia the exception. Launched in 2016, the South African coffee company roasts beans that, per serving, contain not just twice as much caffeine as the average coffee — but twice the daily recommended amount of caffeine, period. For those who crave jittery head rushes, Black Insomnia’s wares are now up for grabs on Amazon (and Prime eligible, too) within the US, with whole bean ($20), ground and Nespresso-compatible capsule ($40) options. Made from a blend of Ugandan and Brazilian beans, Black Insomnia coffee doesn’t taste like rocket fuel, as its caffeine levels would suggest. Instead, it’s nutty and smooth, with a caramel finish.

For those wary of Black Insomnia’s questionably safe caffeine content, there’s Death Wish Coffee, the second strongest coffee on the market, with a paltry 660mg of caffeine per 12-ounce serving, compared to Black Insomnia’s 702mg.

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