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This Is the Chef's Knife You Didn't Know You Needed

Get ready to enter the crazy world of Japanese-style chef's knives.

Made In already had its knife game on lock. There was a chef's knife, a santoku knife and a paring knife and serrated blade set — basically every knife an amateur chef would ever need. The internet's favorite direct-to-consumer cookware brand's latest is the nakiri knife, a blade that some people probably didn't know existed.

Popular in Japanese cooking, the nakiri knife features a straight, squared-off blade similar to a guillotine. The shape of the blade dictates the cutting action, slicing straight down instead of rocking back and forth. Instead of a tapered edge, the nakiri's straight cutting edge produces consistent and even slices with an easy chopping motion.

nakiri knife
Made In
nakiri knife
Made In

Like other Made In knives, the nakiri is fully forged and made in France from X50CrMoV15 stainless steel. So unlike a traditional Japanese chef's knife, which utilize hard-to-maintain high carbon steel blades, Made In's knife combines the stain resistance of stainless steel and the sharpness of carbon steel. To finish the blade off, the handle is made of olive wood, which will age beautifully over time.

At launch, there were 1,500 nakiri knives available, and as of publishing, half of that inventory remains. Head to Made In now to shop the limited-edition knife before you miss out on what could be your next favorite blade.

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