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The 9 Best Things to Buy From Made In, the Everlane of Cookware

A short shopping list to navigate the internet's favorite new cookware brand.

made in cookwear
Made In

Co-founders Jake Kalick and Chip Malt founded Made In in 2017 to create high-quality cookware minus retail store markups. Since Made In's founding, Michelin-starred chefs, like Grant Achatz, have financially backed the direct-to-consumer brand, with Instagram endorsements from other notable chefs like Padma Lakshmi and Nancy Silverton. Home cooks were drawn to Made In's restaurant-quality cookware. And if there were any doubt about the brand's commitment to making quality products, numerous restaurants around the world are now outfitted with Made In's cookware. From stainless steel pans to more niche cookware tools, these Made In products should be at the top of your shopping list.

Carbon Steel Frying Pans

Carbon steel's usage in restaurant kitchens used to be fairly under-the-radar. Then Made In came around and turned the once commercially unavailable cooking material into a home kitchen must-have. Carbon steel is naturally non-stick, and it reaches high heats typically associated with cast iron. Better yet, there are fewer pain points when it comes to maintenance. At $69 for a 10-inch frying pan, Made In offers its carbon steel cookware for significantly less than brands like Blanc, which offers carbon steel pans starting at $200.

Buy Now: 69+

Stainless Steel Cookware

Made In started with a range of stovetop cookware, namely stainless-clad pots and pans. And it's clear that Made In's inception was meant to be in direct competition with All-Clad's pricier stainless steel cookware. Made In's pieces are a fraction of the cost of comparable All-Clad kitchenware, and they offer similar performance metrics. Stainless steel is fashioned into a trio of frying pans, a range of stock pots and even an underrated butter warmer. If you're starting a kitchen arsenal from scratch, consider the six-piece starter kit, which offers a 10-percent-off discount.

Buy Now: $65+

Butcher Block

This dual-sided cutting board offers a deep-grooved moat on one end and a flat surface on the other. It's made from maple that Made In claims "is hard on everything but your knife blades." The cutting board comes in one size, but at 18-inches long, it's an apt tool for large chopping tasks and small serving purposes.

Buy Now: $99


The first time Made In offered knives, they sold out within 24 hours. A family-owned factory in Theirs, France, make the knives, which are corrosion resistant and stain resistant with a less-brittle blade than carbon steel blades. The knife makers uses a nitrogen treatment on the knives to increase their hardness and further protect them from chipping. The four-piece knife set — which includes a chef's, santoku, paring and serrated knife — costs $275, 10 percent off retail.

Buy Now: 89+

Roasting Pan

Roasting pans generally don't see enough action in the kitchen. As its name suggests, roasting pans offer a large surface area to hold an up-to-12-pound turkey. The carbon steel construction makes the roasting pan an excellent tool for stovetop cooking, as much as it is key for nailing Thanksgiving dinner.

Buy Now: $99+

Sheet Pan

made in pan
Made In

Ideally, every home should be stocked up on sheet pans. They're the choice tool for almost every kitchen task, performing exceptionally well for baking and roasting. Made In's sheet pans are made from 3004 aluminum, a commercial-grade material notable for its durability. Plus, the encapsulated rims means food residue and other grime doesn't get trapped inside.

Buy Now: $19+

Grill Frying Pan

Forget cast iron because your go-to pan for camping is going to be Made In's grill frying pan. The grill pan is an 11-inch carbon steel pan with 62 hole to give your food that fire-kissed flavor. The perforations also let extraneous juices drip out so you're left with perfectly cooked food.

Buy Now: $75

Carbon Steel Wok

With the direct-to-consumer trend comes a greater connection between consumer and manufacturer. As such, the carbon steel wok is the product of customer fanfare. The wok exemplifies carbon steel's high-heat ability with the non-stick feature that makes stir-frying the preferred cooking style for a quick and easy meal. If you don't already know about the benefits of owning a wok, it's also perfect for braising, deep-frying and steaming.

Buy Now: $99

Silicone Universal Lid

One lid to rule them all, so the saying sort of goes. The universal silicone lid fits all of Made In's pans, including the wok. It's dishwasher safe, oven safe (up to 400°F) and doubles as a trivet.

Buy Now: $59

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