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Chef Dave Chang Goes Wild for These $8 Knives. You Should Too

If you're spending more than $10 on a paring knife, you're just scamming yourself.

david chang paring knife
David Chang

"There's no reason to buy a fancy paring knife," David Chang says. The chef, podcaster, television host, author and founder of the Momofuku restaurant group took to his secondary Instagram account, @normalpot, to discuss the excellence of using a cheap paring knife. And it's time you discover its merits firsthand.

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The paring knife Chang shows off is from Wusthof and is available in a two-pack with a serrated knife for $15. Like he says, paring knives are great for utility work, such as peeling produce or deveining shrimp to name a couple. They're basically miniature chef's knives for jobs that don't require the big guns. And the control they offer makes them the ideal choice for precision cutting and intricate knife work.

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"This is one of the most indispensable tools in a professional kitchen," Chang says. "In the kitchens I've worked in, almost everyone uses this kind of paring knife. And it's the paring knife I use at home. I really only have this knife and like a chef's knife."

If you're ready to heed Chang's advice, he recommends spending no more than $10 on your next paring knife. Look for something with a plastic handle, which will keep the price tag low. Be sure to follow Chang on his main Instagram account, @davidchang, and @normalpot, for more reviews and product endorsements.

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