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Chef Dave Chang Goes Wild for These $8 Knives. You Should Too

If you're spending more than $10 on a paring knife, you're just scamming yourself.

david chang paring knife
David Chang

"There's no reason to buy a fancy paring knife," David Chang says. The chef, podcaster, television host, author and founder of the Momofuku restaurant group took to his secondary Instagram account, @normalpot, to discuss the excellence of using a cheap paring knife. And it's time you discover its merits firsthand.

The paring knife Chang shows off is from Wusthof and is available in a two-pack with a serrated knife for $15. Like he says, paring knives are great for utility work, such as peeling produce or deveining shrimp to name a couple. They're basically miniature chef's knives for jobs that don't require the big guns. And the control they offer makes them the ideal choice for precision cutting and intricate knife work.


Wusthof Red Carbon Steel 2-Piece Paring and Serrated Knife Set

Wüsthof amazon.com

"This is one of the most indispensable tools in a professional kitchen," Chang says. "In the kitchens I've worked in, almost everyone uses this kind of paring knife. And it's the paring knife I use at home. I really only have this knife and like a chef's knife."

If you're ready to heed Chang's advice, he recommends spending no more than $10 on your next paring knife. Look for something with a plastic handle, which will keep the price tag low. Be sure to follow Chang on his main Instagram account, @davidchang, and @normalpot, for more reviews and product endorsements.

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