This CBD-Infused Hot Sauce Brings the Heat and the Chill

Hot sauce with dragonfruit and CBD in it because why the hell not.

From lotion to gummy bears, CBD is making a cameo everywhere. The latest: hot sauce. Hot Sloth, a new CBD-infused hot sauce brand, follows a healthy dose of heat with a cool-headed effect, thanks to decent addition of full-spectrum, hemp-derived, CBD. I'm still not 100 percent convinced on how (or if?) CBD affects my body, but I'll be damned if this isn't one of the best-tasting hot sauces I've tried.

Hot Sloth is the inaugural condiment from Pot d’Huile (pronounced "poe-du-wheel"), which makes a hemp-infused olive oil. It's the start of Pot d’Huile's upcoming line of condiments made in collaboration with chefs and foodies.

spilled red hot sauce surrounded by dragon fruit and peppers
Hot Sloth

Chef Mike Bagale and food journalist Kat Odell are the brains behind Hot Sloth. If you've seen the Netflix episode of "Chef's Table" with Grant Achatz, you've seen Bagale, who was the executive chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Alinea and created one of its most famous dishes, an edible balloon.

The hot sauce's main ingredients are: habanero, for heat, dragon fruit, for fruitiness and color and white miso, for umami. It also undergoes a light fermentation with umeboshi, a Japanese pickled plum, which gives Hot Sloth an added depth of savoriness that makes this taste good on practically everything. Then, of course, there's Pot d’Huile's CBD-infused olive oil, which is purported to aid in relaxation, help alleviate anxiety, induce better sleep and aid in anti-inflammation. One teaspoon of the hot sauce contains 8 milligrams of CBD. For reference, CBD Oil Review's Serving Standard for CBD is 25 milligrams taken twice a day to achieve CBD's intended benefits.

I can't tell if the sense of euphoria I get from eating with Hot Sloth is because of the CBD, or if it's caused by the high of eating a really good hot sauce. Either way, this bottle always finds itself sitting next to my breakfasts, lunches and dinners. It's satisfying in a way unlike most grocery store vinegar-based hot sauces, and it elevates something as basic as scrambled eggs to gourmet-level eats.

If Frank's RedHot tagline is "I put that s*** on everything," Hot Sloth's should be "This isn't s***; this is the s***." Bottles are already sold out since its debut in mid-September, but you can pre-order Hot Sloth for delivery on or before November 15. And you should totally douse your Thanksgiving dinner with this.

Price: $36


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