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Thanks to This Sleek Countertop Tap, I'm Officially Addicted to Sparkling Water

It may or may not be a problem.

aarke carbonator
James Stokes Amsterdam

The Aarke Carbonator III is the culmination of seven years of building the perfect sparkling water machine, a niche market that I have officially subscribed to.

Every day, I drink about a gallon of water. Every once in a while, to break up the monotony of drinking still water, I would treat myself to a bottle of Hal's Seltzer, usually the lime flavored. While I drink regular water from a reusable HydroFlask, I did feel guilty about accumulating a hoard of plastic water bottles (that I would recycle). Then the Aarke Carbonator III (ACIII) graced my kitchen counter.

ACIII is one of the sleekest, best-looking sparkling water machines on the market. As opposed to the cheap-looking plastic models out there, the Carbonator III is built of stainless steel and comes in a number of finishes from copper to matte black. The machine uses a CO2 canister to produce about 60 liters of carbonated water, give or take depending on how aggressive you make the bubbles in your water. To use, screw the accompanying PET plastic bottle — and only this bottle as it's designed to withstand the pressure — pull the lever to carbonate and release. For bubblier water, repeat the lever-pulling step a couple times.

Tyler Chin

The latest iteration of the Carbonator improves the previous models by making it more efficient at carbonating; the PET plastic bottle also got a slight remodel with a slightly larger capacity. I've been using the Carbonator III almost daily to curb my cravings for bottled seltzer water, and it's also been great to have a seemingly never-ending supply of soda water to mix with spirits. Aarke also sells flavored syrups and essences to further spice up your water. So bubble up, and gulp it down.

Price (Aarke): $219-$259


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