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New York’s Favorite Bar Snacks Are Coming for Your Pantry

Small-batch, addictive crackers and candied nuts (with packaging worth showing off).

Select restaurant creations earn followings so devout that chefs package proprietary ingredients for sale, bending to the will of patrons. Momofuku’s Ssäm Sauce and marinara from red sauce joint Rao’s are two such examples — and now, New York’s Lois wine bar is throwing its proverbial hat into the ring. The airy, laid-back bar specializes in wine on tap, but its snacks are the scene-stealers (and reason enough to stop by for a drink).

Produced under the label Aida (a nod to Loisaida Avenue, the honorary name of Avenue C, which Lois calls home), Lois is expanding its reach by sharing its most popular snacks with the masses. Among its wares are addictively spicy candied pecans ($10), umami-laden sourdough crackers ($9), and currant turmeric crisps ($10) that land somewhere between cookie and cracker. Intended to take the hassle out of hosting, Aida’s snacks are approachable but elevated, seamlessly integrating with cheese boards, but just as well-suited to a workplace snack stash.

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