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Anyone Who Owns the Internet's Favorite Pan Needs This New Cookware Set

Our Place celebrates Persian New Year with a new accessory for Always Pan owners.

Odds are good that you likely know Our Place as the maker of the Internet's favorite do-it-all pan. Well, the company has just released a new accessory for its flagship product — one that celebrates Nowruz, also known as Persian New Year. Not only does the new Tahdig Trio celebrate the traditional scorched rice dish known as tahdig that's frequently eaten during the holiday, it's meant to help make it easier to cook the special food at home.

The release of the Tahdig Trio is particularly special to Our Place's married co-founders Shiza Shahid, who is Pakistani, and Amir Tehrani, who is Iranian. With the launch of the new accessories, home cooks can get a jump start on celebrating Nowruz, which starts on March 21.

Tahdig is noted for its thin crispy bottom that contrasts against the fluffy rice; when cooked properly, the texture is almost like a cake made of rice (but not a rice cake). Making the dish, however, is particularly tricky, because of a delicate flip that makes the tahdig go from pan to platter. The new cookware set means even the most amateur cook can nail tahdig on their first try.

Christopher Beyer

Included in the set is a Noosh-e-Joon platter, a ceramic dish that fits atop the Always Pan. Inscribed with Persian calligraphy, the platter helps to achieve the 180-degree flip to get perfectly shaped tahdig with its signature brown crust. The additional damkoni, a cotton cloth that slips over the Always Pan's lid, helps to soak up moisture as the rice is cooking. The cloth is almost a secret weapon in making tahdig, ensuring that the rice comes out fluffier. Lastly, the included saffron is meant to spice up your tahdig, as well as most other dishes served during Nowruz.

Don't already own an Always Pan? Well, it's your lucky day: grab the Nowruz Bundle, which includes the much-loved cookware and the Tahdig Trio for $20 off retail.

Price: $65


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