Want Delicious Cold Brew in 5 Minutes? This $2,100 Brewer Can Do It

For the low, low price of a solid e-bike, you can stop buying cold brew by the cup without having to plan ahead.

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Hey, you. Do you like cold brew? Well, if you're willing to dish out $5 a cup or wait up to 48 hours to brew it, your love for cold brew must run deep. So maybe you wouldn't have a problem dishing out a couple grand on a cold brewer that makes that sweet, sweet Icy Joe in just five minutes.

Meet the Ziggy cold brewer coffee maker, launched earlier this year by high-tech coffee gear company Hiroia (a joint venture between legendary Japanese coffee equipment brand Hario and Taiwanese manufacturer Wistron). It uses patented cold-infusion technology that cuts down a days-long marathon into a five-to-eight-minute sprint. The speedy cold brewer is so impressive, the Special Coffee Association named it one of the finalists for its 2021 awards under the Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Preparation and Serving Equipment category.

The Ziggy is based on the brewing technique of 2016 World Brewers Cup Champion Tetsu Kasuya, Daily Coffee News reports. The brewer replicates Kasyua's siphon brewing technique of stirring the coffee and water while it steeps in an upper chamber — and because this is cold brewing, Ziggy uses mechanical pressure instead of heat to draw coffee through a filter and into the serving carafe.

coffee maker

Users can customize their Ziggy in the same way that Kasuya would tailor his brewing. The coffee maker connects to a smartphone app, through which users can control the water-to-coffee ratio and the speed and time of stirring and steeping, as well as the strength of the extraction.

Now, do you need this pricey device? Probably not. But if you really want it, you can justify it this way: a cup of cold brew costs at least $4 at a coffee shop, so after 525 cups out of the Ziggy, you'd be breaking even. At the rate most of us drink coffee, it'll pay for itself in no time.

Price: ~$2,137


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