Beam’s New Nightcap Is Here To Help You Sleep Better

Wind down for a better night's rest with the Dream Powder from Beam.

beam cbd night time powder drink

More than likely, your after-dinner drink to relax after a long day is not necessarily the healthiest. But changing that habit and starting a healthier lifestyle just got easier thanks to Beam's Dream Powder. Made with compounds like melatonin, magnesium, reishi and l-theanine, this blend of sleep-enhancing minerals will help your body and mind wind down for a better night’s rest. Plus, the chocolate and cinnamon used in the powder make it taste like an elevated hot chocolate rather than a mineral elixir. As we know firsthand, a bad night's sleep is felt in the gym or out on the trail the next day, so make sure you're sleeping well this season with Beam's Dream Powder. If you need more convincing, 98 percent of people surveyed by the brand say they fall asleep faster when taking Beam's Dream Powder and right now you can get ten nights of Dream for only $35.

Price: $35


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