A Non-Boozy Campari Alternative and 6 More Home and Design Releases

Non-alcoholic negroni, anyone?

window shopping

Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: a coffee to add to your wake and bake routine, the tool you need for perfect at-home pizza and more.

Roborock S7

roborock s7 robot vacuum with sonic mopping

Presented by Roborock

Your days of dragging around a wet cloth are over thanks to Roborock's first sonic robot that vacuums and mops in one fell swoop. Roborock has reinvented the future of clean with VibraRise technology, the world’s first combination of an ultra-fast vibrating sonic mop with automatic mop lifting. It's designed to transition smoothly over contrasting surfaces, and delivers powerful and convenient cleaning that will simplify your life. The Roborock S7 is available now on Amazon, ready to ship and jumpstart your spring cleaning — your floors will thank you.

Price: $649



figlia non alcoholic aperitif

There's a new non-alcoholic aperitif on the shelves, and it's born out of tragedy. Figlia, Italian for "daughter," comes from Lily Geiger, whose father struggled with alcoholism and died when she was 20. While everyone's experience with sobriety is different, Figlia is a drink that works for those completely cutting alcohol out of their life, as well as those who just want something good to drink that just so happens to be non-alcoholic. The juicy-looking aperitif is a citrusy, gingery and floral concoction that makes for a pleasant sipper or mocktail mixer. Think of it as a zero-proof Campari, minus the cloyingly sweet flavor profile. Besides being an exceptional alternative to booze-filled hangouts, Figlia is helping those struggling with alcoholism through its work with Partnership to End Addiction, which helps families of those with addiction problems.

Price: $43


Made In Pizza Steel

made in pizza steel
Made In

If you've made pizza at home before, you may have noticed its crust was just a little bit lacking. Its too-soft texture is most likely because your oven can't reach the same temperature as the oven in your favorite pizzeria's oven. The secret for perfectly crispy at-home pizza is the pizza steel, and Made In made one that's going to have you breaking up with your local pizzeria. Made from perforated carbon steel, Made In's pizza steel gets hot as hell, making for a nice crusty pie. And because it's made of carbon steel instead of cast iron, it's light so you don't need to worry about dropping your pizza.

Price: $49


General Admission x Mister Green x Deadbeat Club Hippie Jump Coffee

general admission x mister green x deadbeat club hippie jump coffee
General Admission

As part of its ongoing collaboration, California streetwear brand General Admission and California lifestyle weed brand Mister Green worked with Deadbeat Club (yet another California brand) on a coffee to wake and bake with. Hippie Jump is a naturally processed Indonesian coffee, with notes of strawberry, dark chocolate and orange creamsicles. It'll pair perfectly with General Admission's and Mister Green's Wake and Bake set.

Price: $20


Dims. x Dusen Dusen Cleo Chair

dims x dusen dusen cleo chair

Designed by Norwegian designer Stine Aas, the Dims. Cleo chair is a perfectly wacky-looking chair (that we love) that gets an even wackier update thanks to Ellen Van Dusen of Dusen Dusen. The colorful brand brought its eye towards eye-popping colors to the Cleo chair, turning it into a multicolored seat to bring out your inner child. The initial run of these chairs was limited to 50 pieces and sold out in less than an hour — but word on Instagram is there's going to be a reissue soon.

Price: $495


Ghia Le Spritz

ghia le spritz

Ghia's non-alcoholic, ruby-hued aperitif helped me get through Dry January, my go-to preparation being Ghia mixed with some soda water. Well now, Ghia is going the canned route with its Le Spritz, and I can stop mixing my own spritzes. The eight-ounce cans are a pre-mixed blend of Ghia's flagship beverage with the addition of rosemary and yuzu. Get this to get the party started without the post-party shutdown.

Price: $18/4-pack


Anaori Kakugama


This is a pot. Yes, it's a cube, but it's essentially a pot. It's made of carbon graphite, which the brand Anaori touts as a lighter option to cast iron that gets even hotter. Inside the square contraption is a rounded shape that helps to recreate convection heating, and the lid also happens to double as a grill plate. So with the Kakugama, you're getting a tool that grills, boils, fries and steams — with a $2,490-plus price tag. The piece of cookware does have its backers, including the Michelin-starred chef Fredrik Berselius, who will be highlighting the Kakugama at his restaurant, Aska, as part of the brand's worldwide tour.

Price: $2,490+


Good Feals Kit

good feals kit
Good Feals

Alex Iwanchuk co-founded the CBD oil brand Feals to help him find balance amid his mental health struggles. Because May is Mental Health Awareness Month, the brand decided to release a Good Feals Kit, which contains a 600 milligram bottle of Feals, a 500-piece puzzle from the brand Piecework and a reusable nylon tote from Baggu. All net proceeds from the kit will go towards Painted Brain, which is a Los Angeles-based mental health nonprofit.

Price: $75


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