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This Dutch Oven Is a Fraction of the Price of Le Creuset’s and Just as Good

You can buy two Misen Dutch ovens and it'll still come out to less than the price of a Le Creuset.

misen dutch oven

So you want a Dutch oven. You probably did some research into Le Cresuet versus Staub, before realizing you're not ready to drop $400 on some cookware, and you're definitely not ready to get married just to throw a Dutch oven on your registry. Direct-to-consumer cookware brand Misen has heard all your qualms of buying high-end Dutch ovens (not to mention the cheap ones), so it made a Dutch oven that's a fraction of the price — and potentially better than the competition.

Last year, Misen took its idea for a Dutch oven to Kickstarter, where it raised $4.2 million across over 36,000 backers. The biggest selling point was its price: $165 for a generously sized 7-quart Dutch oven (similar sizes from Le Creuset and Staub can start at around $400). When it comes to Dutch ovens, construction is everything. In essence, the cookware is a cast-iron pot covered in layers of enamel, which creates a virtually non-stick surface that will last a lifetime. Most Dutch ovens will use just a couple layers of enamel coating, but Misen wraps its Dutch oven with four layers for added durability. In a test, Misen dropped a steel ball into its own Dutch oven, as well as cheap and expensive options; while the enamel chipped in the other Dutch ovens, Misen's came out unscathed.

The Misen Dutch oven comes with the option for two styles of lids: a traditional lid or a lid that doubles as a grill, both of which provide a tight seal to keep moisture from seeping out. And because these are Dutch ovens, famous for their beautiful hues, Misen offers them in five colors: blue, red, black, gray and green.

Like Misen's other cookware, the Dutch oven is backed by a lifetime guarantee — get a free replacement if anything happens to yours — and you get a 60-day trial period to make sure it's right for you, otherwise you can return it for free.

Price: $165


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