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Your New Kitchen Grail: Vintage Copper Cookware

For rapid boiling and strong kitchen aesthetics, antique copper cookware is king.


Though it’s a longtime staple across Europe, copper cookware is rarely found in American kitchens, where the practicality and durability of stainless steel reigns. Copper pots, kettles and bowls, though, serve a different purpose. Capable of heating 20 times faster than stainless steel, copper cookware is an old-school kitchen hack — enabling faster food prep by reducing the time required to boil water for pasta, soft eggs, coffee or tea.

Antique copper cookware, not unlike vintage cast iron, is especially prized for its pedigree and craftsmanship, and often features the mark of its maker. Food52 is now stocking a trove of vintage copper cookware, by way of collector and dealer Coppermill Kitchen. The collection includes 19th-century kettles, pie plates and mixing bowls (the key to the whispiest whipped egg whites you’ve ever seen), all decorative in appearance yet practical in utility.

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