This Whiskey Finished with Rum-Soaked-Oak Is Perfect for Fall

The Rye and Rumba Whiskey from Oak and Eden can be enjoyed neat or in your favorite cocktail.

man sitting with a glass of oak and eden
Oak & Eden

If you're looking for the perfect spirit to take you from hot summer nights into cool fall evenings, then look no further than Oak and Eden's Rye and Rumba whiskey. Best described as Rye whiskey meets Caribbean rum, this is unlike any of the current whiskeys in your cabinet. Oak and Edens's second small-batch expression is made from its award-winning whiskey, which is then aged for two years in charred American Oak barrels. Then, a rum-soaked spire of wood is placed in to add sweetness and complexity. The result is a spicy-yet-mellow drink that pairs perfectly around the campfire or at home after a long day's work.

Price: $60


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