This Wireless Meat Thermometer Is Perfect for the Perfectionist Dad

Mark Anderson of The Grill Dads on the ultimate wireless meat thermometer known as MEATER.

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Dads are simple, predictable beasts yet we are apparently hard to buy for. So what do you get dad for Father's Day? Let us help you out. Tools and grilling accessories are always a sure bet. So why not get the perfect combination of both? We're talking about the wireless meat thermometer known as MEATER.

The MEATER Block is the ultimate grilling companion. Here is why.

meater thermometer and block
MEATER Block leverages state-of-the-art technology to help you achieve consistent results on the grill.
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Mark Anderson of The Grill Dads on Food Network shares his obsession with MEATER.

The Backstory

State-of-the-Art Grill Technology

MEATER products add ease and simplicity to your cooking. Developed with state-of-the-art technology, MEATER Block is as strong a gift idea for the new chef as it is for the seasoned vet. Channeling the future of smart cooking, MEATER Block ensures that overcooked meat is a thing of the past.

The Gist

Much More Than a Thermometer

MEATER Block gives you way more information than just the temperature of your food. The paired app will take into consideration what you are cooking, the temperature it is cooking at, and how fast the internal temp is rising to tell you when to remove the meat from the grill. It will even tell you when the meat is done resting. That means no more overcooked steak, dry turkey, or cutting the meat too soon and losing all the juices. The best part? It is also wireless so you can get the notification anywhere in your house.

meater smart thermometers


A Great Gift for Dad or Yourself

We are always looking for ways to make our cooking or grilling experience easier, and MEATER does the trick. MEATER Block connects to your WiFi so you can watch the cook on your phone on your couch or when you’re working on your at-home gym. The Block comes with 4 probes because you can never cook enough meat. If one is all you need, go for MEATER Plus, it doesn’t have WiFi, but it uses Bluetooth and works fantastically.

Aside from having perfectly cooked meat every time, being able to kick up our feet and mind the grill remotely on our phone is truly a game-changing benefit. Plus, right now, MEATER is offering 20 percent off store wide this Father's Day.

Price: $299.95


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