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You Can Finally Get James Hoffmann’s Coffee in the U.S.

Frozen coffee brand Cometeer brings James Hoffmann's Square Mile coffee to the States for the first time ever.

james hoffmann cometeer

James Hoffmann knows his coffee. Besides being an influential voice in all things coffee thanks to his YouTube channel, Hoffmann is a World Barista Champion, author of The World Atlas of Coffee and cofounder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters. Square Mile, like Hoffmann, is based in London, which means U.S.-based fans of Hoffmann couldn't sample Square Mile coffee.

But that's about to change, thanks to Cometeer.

Cometeer, a frozen coffee brand (and GP100 pick for 2021), has partnered with Square Mile to bring the London-based coffee roaster to the states. Launched last year, Cometeer brews specialty coffee that it sources from trusted partners — like Counter Culture, Goerge Howell and now Square Mile — then flash-freezes it into Keurig-style capsules.

james hoffmann cometeer
Cometeer is the first brand to bring London-based Square Mile coffee to the U.S. thanks to its innovative flash-freezing technology.

These capsules house a concentrated coffee puck, which you dilute with water to turn into a regular cup of coffee. It's essentially the best version of instant coffee we've ever found.

Cometeer Square Mile Roasters

"Coffee brewing can be an extremely frustrating experience; your grind size is off, you use the wrong technique, or you simply don’t like the coffee you chose," Hoffmann says in a press release. "Cometeer takes away all of that and makes enjoying a great cup as effortless as pouring a glass of your favorite wine."

For the Square Mile collection, Cometeer offers three single-origin expressions — Muhondo, Los Angeles Pacamara and Kiungu — and a house blend, Red Brick. The four Square Mile coffees are available as part of the Square Mile Exclusive Collection Box, which includes a total of 32 capsules.

If you're a fan of Hoffmann or you're just trying to get some damn good coffee into your home, the Square Mile collection is a must-get. Besides the collection box, the Muhondo coffee will be available through Cometeer's subscription, which starts at $64.

Price: $99


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