Tabasco Family Reserve Hot Sauce

McILhenny fire


Tabasco Family Reserve ($25) starts out life as the finest peppers grown on Tabasco’s Avery Island home, handpicked by the family. These superior specimens are then smashed and combined with Avery Island salt and set to age in white oak barrels for a minimum of three years. Certain amounts age for an additional five years and are then blended with white wine vinegar to form this special fiery condiment. When the family’s had their fill, or are just feeling particularly magnanimous, they’ll release small runs to the public under the Family Reserve label. It’s roughly 5x more expensive than the classic 5 oz bottle, but $25 is still a small fee to pay for ditching the heat any plebeian can get in favor of shaking on the MclLhenny secret. Now if only they sold this version by the gallon

Buy Now: $25

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