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Snow Peak Titanium Straw

For the weight weenie who has (almost) everything

Snow Peak

Consider the humble straw. Jabbed into a juice box or fast food beverage, discarded without a thought, it is a useful but overlooked tool. How else would you get that last bit of chocolate malt out of the bottom of your glass? But plastic is a four-letter word these days and straws suddenly seem wasteful. Well, eco-friendly straw lovers need fret no longer over the ethical dilemma. Enter the Snow Peak Titanium Straw ($15). That’s right, the space age über-material of bikes, knives and wristwatches has trickled down to the lowly sipper. Snow Peak the maker of elegant lightweight camping gear and gadgets presents the coolest straw you’ll ever see: seven inches long, non-allergenic, tasteless, odorless and reusable, its impressive tensile strength-to-weight ratio means you can jab oranges with abandon too. Before you scoff at the price, just think of how impressed all the cool kids at the malt shop will be.

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