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Taking Root Beer Back To Its Roots


History lesson: near the end of the 19th century, the U.S. was mired deeply in the Temperance Movement, which later resulted in the Prohibition of Alcohol, or “The Noble Experiment” depending on your point of view. Either way, it proved to be a dastardly time for any spirit loving man. During the movement an innovative Philadelphia pharmacist took the popular “Root Tea”, (a Native American herbal remedy passed down from generation to generation) and removed any trace of alcohol to yield a beverage not encumbered by Prohibitionists. Dubbed “Root Beer”, the beverage took like wild fire and has made its place in beverage history.

Pennsylvania based Art in the Age has recreated the original version of what we’ve come to know as Root Beer. Distilled from organic sugar cane, the dark hued Root has a unique flavor – both sweet, aromatic, and full-bodied. Sip neat or as the primary ingredient of your new favorite cocktail.

Author’s Note: Check out dozens of recipes for Root, or submit your own concoction. I suggest the Flip Stout.

Cost: $39

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