The Bloody Mary, Three Ways

You’ve got no excuse to settle for a bottle of Smirnoff and a six-pack of V8.

Sung Han and Chase Pellerin

Say “Bloody Mary” three times in front of a mirror, and you’ll see her there, in the form of a blood-soaked corpse, or witch, or wispy ghost. Or so they said in elementary school. Admittedly none of us have tried it out since then, and who knows how today’s kids have morphed the tradition. It probably involves Snapchat, somehow.

Regardless, contrary to popular belief, the Bloody Mary of folklore has nothing to do with the Bloody Mary of adult life, which cures hangovers. Or so they said at brunch. One thing’s more or less certain. Visit our neighbors at The Breslin in NYC and say “Bloody Mary” three times at the bar, and they may or may not get the message: You want one of each of their three takes on the classic hair-of-the-dog elixir — the Mary (vodka), the Maria (tequila) and the Red Snapper (gin). Drink all three and stumble to the bathroom, and you just might see that blood-soaked apparition in the mirror. Or, chances are you spilled on yourself at some point. Whatever the case, drink responsibly, and try making them yourself at home.

Bloody Mary, Bloody Maria, Red Snapper

2 ounces vodka, tequila, or gin
1/2 ounce lemon
175mL Bloody mix (see below)
Garnishes: celery stalk, a skewered lemon and olive (substitute cornichon for the Red Snapper)

Preparation: 1. Pour 2 ounces vodka, tequila or gin (for the Mary, Maria and Red Snapper, respectively) into a highball glass. 2. Add 1/2 ounce lemon juice. 3. Pour your mix — equal parts tomato, carrot and celery juice — into the glass until half full with liquid. 4. Add ice and garnishes (celery stalk, skewered lemon and olive. Bonus: Rim the glass with chipotle powder for the Bloody Maria; for the Red Snapper, garnish with cornichon instead of a lemon and olive.

To make the mix, mix equal parts carrot, celery and tomato juice (roughly 58mL each, to serve 3). Add salt, ground black pepper, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce (suggested: Cholula and Tapatio) to taste.

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