Cruzan Single Barrel Estate Rum

Life After Vodka


Vodka tonic. Vodka cranberry. Vodka martini, Vodka gimlet, Vodka Red Bull…

Stop it. Like the recession, there’s life after Vodka, not that there’s anything wrong with the drink. It’s just that Vodka isnt the only drink out there. We aim to show you otherwise. For those that partake in the second most consumed spirit out there, you already know the joys of sipping rum. Even our very own Patrick Tuttle, a stalwart imbiber of distilled bread wine, has made the swtich. Based on the rate of which entire bottles are being consumed we assumed he’s a happy camper.

Like your discerning tastes for Vodka, Scotch, and Whisk(e)y, rum varies widely depending on brand and type. Your collegiate memories of Captain Morgan should remain that, memories. You’ve evolved so your rum should follow suit. Cruzan Single Barrel State rum is one of a few we’re keen on (10 Cane,Metusalem, having added it to our list of bar stock staples. As the world’s first single barrel rum, the Single Barrel Estate stands as Cruzan’s flagship rum. Aged up to 12 years in charred American oak barrels previously used for bourbon and whiskey, the process yields a distinctively mellow rum perfect for sipping neat or over rocks.

Cost: $30

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