Crystal Head Vodka

Dan Aykroyd's Vodka


There’s quite a precedent for rappers creating their own personal Vodka brands, but comic legends like Dan Aykroyd getting into the biz is an entirely different story. Apparently, Crystal Head Vodka is the result of combining two of Aykroyd’s passions: First, his love for the mystery of crystal skulls (made popular in the latest Indiana Jones film debacle) and the is other is… well, spirits.

If Dan’s video is to be believed, the vodka is almost a mere afterthought to the creation of the bottle – commissioned to Aykroyd’s friend and renowned American landscape painter John Alexander. Once completed, vodka seemed like the appropriate filler because it conveyed the happy and pure sentiments ancient civilizations believed that crystal skulls embodied. Afterthought or not, Dan clearly has no intention of joking around when it came to the quality or purity of the booze. That’s why Crystal Head Vodka ($41) is quadruple distilled, triple charcoal filtered, and topped off by triple filtration over Herkimer diamonds. Diamonds you ask? That bit of the process is another brain child of Aykroyd, which leads us to conclude he has far more in common with his rapper-turned-booze-mogul counterparts than we ever would have guessed.

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