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The 17 Best Canned Cocktails to Drink

All of your favorite drinks pre-mixed in a convenient can.

collage of three canned cocktails
Total Wine, Drizly

Canned cocktails have been huge over the past few years. The segment surged during the covid-19 pandemic — likely a result of people not being able to go out to bars — with the IWSR, which analyzes the alcoholic beverage market, clocking growth in the ready-to-drink sector at 43 percent back in 2020. A few years later and there are no signs of slowing for RTDs, with consumers clearly appreciating the convenience offered by canned cocktails and brands continually producing higher-quality libations that rival homemade or even bar-made concoctions.

It's nearly impossible to find a cocktail that isn't available in a can these days. An old fashioned that's better than the muddled fruit abomination you'd get in a hotel bar? It exists. A well-made margarita with quality tequila that won't give you a hangover? Yes, those exist too. A mai tai made with actual mai tai ingredients? Yep, you can even find that. Then there's a variety of spritzes and highballs that — while easy to make on your own — are just so much better when drunk from a can. The beverage aisle is overflowing right now with really good canned cocktails, but these 17 should be in your fridge right now.

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Best Canned Aperitif Cocktail
F!ve Drinks Co. x Dante Americano 2.0
Best Canned Gin Cocktail
The Finnish Long Drink
Best Canned Hard Lemonade
Fishers Island Lemonade
Best Canned Caipirinha
Drifter Cocktail Co. Passion Fruit Caipirinha
Best Canned Gin & Tonic
Social Hour Cocktails Gin & Tonic
Best Canned Whiskey Cocktail
Hochstadter's Slow & Low Rock and Rye
Best Sparkling Canned Cocktail
Vervet Sundowner
Best Canned Espresso Martini
Tip Top Proper Cocktails Espresso Martini
Best Canned Moscow Mule
Cutwater Vodka Mule
Best Canned Margarita
Cazadores Margarita
Best Canned Old Fashioned
Golden Rule Old Fashioned
Best Canned Rum Cocktail
Post Meridiem Mai Tai
Best Canned Vodka Cocktail
Dogfish Head Vodka Crush Blood Orange & Mango
Best Canned Cosmo
Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits The Perfect Cosmo
Best Canned Negroni
St. Agrestis Negroni
Best Canned Highball
Kirin Hyoketsu Yuzu Lemon
Best Non-Alcoholic Canned Cocktail
Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Amalfi Spritz
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