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5 Cigars Worth Knowing & Smoking

Holy Smokes


Should the honor of standing as best man ever grace your stylish self, no doubt you will have to procure the cigars for the bachelor party. Well, choosing one great cigar is similar to identifying the most beautiful woman (for you husbands, your answer is both easy and required, “my wife”) or selecting a favorite automobile. There’s just so much out there. All of this is hard work, really fun and nearly impossible. We’re here to help you arm yourself with some key information to build your tobacco arsenal. We recently recommended the CAO La Traviata Divino cigar and now we want to expand your stogie repertoire. The selection below is an excellent start, from mild to full-bodied, and they’ll make you an instant hero at your next outing.

CAO Gold Perfecto


This is the cigar that pleases every palate. With notes of vanilla, cream and tasty bread dough, novices and aficionados sing its praises. It has an excellent draw which makes it easy to smoke. After breakfast or paired with a lighter summer brew, this figurado is easily worth more than its asking price. Even if you’re not a regular cigar smoker, the CAO Gold line will earn your respect. Origin: Nicaragua | Strength: Mild/Medium | Size: 6 x 54

Buy Now: $61/box

Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Gran Toro Tubos


A beautifully constructed cigar with a seamless, almost paper-like Connecticut shade wrapper. Mild cedar and spice flavors evolve into a smooth, vanilla and slightly nutty smoke. Perfect draw and a remarkably even burn. Never overpowering but full of flavor. A wonderful mid-day smoke that is perfect after a light lunch or with a cappuccino. An incredibly consistent smoke from one cigar to the next, this is a classic. If you can’t find the Tubos version, go with the standard Toro. The blend is the same. Origin: Dominican Republic | Strength: Mild to Medium | Size: 6 x 54

Buy Now: $100/box

St. Luis Rey Churchill


A somewhat obscure brand that is rich and amazingly complex for this price point. The construction is a tad bumpy with some minor veins, but don’t be dissuaded. The creamy and woody flavors are full and deep. It is hard to find this kind of flavor and complexity at such a bargain price. In fact, grab yourself a box (and get yourself a humidor while you’re at it). Pair it with a bourbon old-fashioned cocktail and you’ll thank yourself. Honduras | Strength: Medium to Full | Size: 7 x 52

Cost: $70/box

Tatuaje Reserva SW


Made right here in the good old US of A, this cigar is the real deal. You’ll love the transition of this smoke, which goes from a medium-bodied woody taste to deliciously deep cocoa and spice. The draw on the Reserva SW is a bit on the firm side, but it’s not obstructive by any means. You’ll simply have more time to smoke it. It is a difficult cigar to find but worth it when you do. Put this one on your list. Pair it with a nice glass of Bordeaux or a meaty Malbec. Origin: United States | Strength: Medium | Size: 7 x 47

Buy Now: $230/box

La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero DL654 Maduro


Not for the faint of heart or palate, this cigar’s double ligero wrapper packs a punch. Coffee, dark chocolate, pepper and licorice with a backdrop of cedar will emerge from this fat ring gauge stick. Don’t try this if you’re a novice or a lightweight but if you fancy a full-bodied, full-flavored cigar, this one will surely deliver. Preface this powerhouse with a steak dinner with all the accoutrements and have yourself a Highland single malt scotch as you puff away the evening. Origin: Dominican Republic | Strength: Full | Size: 6 x 54

Buy Now: $125/box

You may be able to find single sticks at your local tobbaconist’s lair should you not want to splurge for a whole box. Also, be advised that proper humidification of your stogies will ensure that they store well, especially during the drier months. Once you’ve garnered your stock, kick back, pour yourself a proper drink and light up.

By Amos Kwon

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