Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

Like Classic Guinness, With a Bite

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout Gear Patrol

Claiming that Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is a new offering from the esteemed Irish beer brand is technically inaccurate. The reality is it was brewed for more than two centuries and dates back to 1801. Back then it was known as West India Porter until the mid-19th century and was distinguished by its more intense flavor thanks to being brewed with extra hops. This excess of hops also helped preserve the beer longer, giving sailors something to drink no matter how long the trip. It was even available in the states from 1817-1920… that is until Prohibition struck.

90 years later, Guinness has re-released this 7.5% ABV classic with the highest hop rate of any of their brews, giving the draught a strong, roasted flavor that closes with a slightly bittersweet taste. Announced earlier in the year, the good news is it’s finally available in the US for our drinking pleasure. It is not however for you fainthearted drinkers who drink half a Guinness every time St. Patty’s rolls around. We only recommend it to our devoted stouts fans who like pushing their beer tasting boundaries. Find it at local beer shops nationally or at the link below.

Buy Now: $10 (6 pack)

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