This Worldwide Beer Collaboration Raised $1 Million for Hospitality Workers

Over 850 breweries took part in the All Together collaboration, and this $1 million mark is with only 30 percent of breweries reporting their sales.

In March, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the US, Brooklyn-based Other Half Brewing spearheaded All Together, a worldwide beer collaboration in hopes of raising money for hospitality workers. Stout Collective, the design agency behind the All Together labels, announced yesterday that the collaboration has just earned $1 million.

According to All Together, 855 breweries across across 53 countries participated in the All Together initiative. And the $1 million mark was surpassed with just 275 breweries reporting their sales so far.

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Other Half produced All Together, an IPA that can either be New England-style or West Coast-style depending on the yeast strain used, as an accessible recipe for any brewery to easily recreate and alter with its own spin. Home brewers also had access to a recipe specific to home setups. Blue Label Packaging Co. printed labels at cost for breweries, and Craftpeak hosted the All Together website spread word about the initiative across the world.

Other Half promised 100 percent of its proceeds would go towards the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation; other breweries, by taking part in All Together, promised at least a portion of their proceeds would support hospitality workers, with the rest of the funds available to help their businesses "weather the storm."

The beer world has seen an uptick in large-scale beer collaborations in response to world events. In June, San Antonio-based Weathered Souls Brewing launched Black is Beautiful after the killing of George Floyd and to address system racism towards Black people.

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