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Looking for a Better Gin? Just Get This

The Botanist Islay Dry Gin proves that Islay is good for more than just whisky.

jgt the botanist gin

Skip the heavy lifting and go straight to what’s best. Just Get This is our no-nonsense guide to the gear you need, now.

If you're looking for one gin to keep your bar cart well-stocked, we dug around (and sipped a bunch) to find the right gin to keep on hand for every occasion. The Botanist is that gin. Here's why.

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A masterclass in botanicals

Gin and juniper berries go together like, well, gin and tonic. Except the flavor of juniper berries in a gin can be too harsh at times, rendering the rest of the spirit flavor mute. The Botanist's is made with 22 botanicals (which you can see here) all sourced from Islay, the Scottish island famous for producing scotch. While juniper is identifiable on the nose and on the palate, the piney notes aren't dominating. You may not be able to distinguish each of the 22, but you'll definitely taste more than just juniper.

For mixing and sipping

Few people opt for gin as a sipping spirit. And it could be because of the overtly harsh juniper taste. Because of The Botanist's combination of botanicals, it's easy to sip on its gin without feeling like you're drinking herbal medicine. It's sweet, floral, woodsy, minty — sip on it to savor each of the flavor profiles the gin offers. Then mix it in any of your favorite cocktails because this gin is truly an all-around great spirit.

For new gin drinkers and connoisseurs

Those just getting in to gin will appreciate the subtle and approachable flavors The Botanist offers, but it wasn't designed as a gateway gin like Hendrick's. The Botanist is a rare spirit that offers a low barrier to entry and a sky-high complexity ceiling. Even those with a more refined palate for the stuff will find the gin results in a pleasant drinking experience.

The Botanist

Islay Dry Gin

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