Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine

White lightning, legally


You’ve heard it before: Ruckus Juice, Mule Kick, Hillbilly Pop, Mountain Dew — the nicknames for moonshine, an often misunderstood spirit of Appalachian heritage. But just like your personal tastes, moonshine has also done its fair share of growing up, thanks to modern craft distillers. Now, the high-proof corn whiskey is not only legally available, but delicious to boot. And yes, it still packs a mighty wallop. Take Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine ($25+) for instance. The family company, based in Gatlinburg, TN follows centuries old secret recipes to create a superior moonshine using local ingredients from East Tennessee farms. Their 100 proof shine is even available with batch soaked cherries and sold in mason jars. Yee-haw, indeed.

Buy Now: $25

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