The 8 Best Things We Drank in June

This Portland-made cider is like a vacation for your taste buds to Spain.

son of man sagardo bottle of beer

Every month, a huge amount of booze moves through the Gear Patrol offices — beer, wine and a whole lot of whiskey. This month: a low-ABV canned wine that doesn't suck, an anniversary beer and

Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion 18

firestone walker luponic distortion 18
Firestone Walker

Firestone Walker's running IPA series lives on and takes a new step with version 18. Using all New Zealand hops (Nelson, Nectaron, Motueka and Riwaka), this Luponic comes off as a clean and clear IPA — a marked change from the typical hazy version of the last few iterations. The front-facing hop character is not overpowering the bit of pilsner malt really makes this one something I could keep reaching for during a hot summer's day. And the fact that it's only 5.9 percent ABV means you very well could have a few. — Ryan Brower, Commerce Editor


Troegs LolliHop DIPA

troegs lollihop dipa

This new Double IPA from the fine Pennsylvania brewery of Troegs actually made its way through the brewery's small-batch Scratch Series to eventually be widely distributed this year. And I'm thankful for that because this one is an utter delight. It hits all the right notes of a DIPA with some ripe melon, tropical citrus and a hint of grapefruit. Then again, it's hard to go wrong when you dry-hop with the iconic Citra and Mosaic hops. Clocking in at 8.2 percent ABV means one will do you just fine. — Ryan Brower, Commerce Editor


Son of Man 2020 Sagardo

son of man 2020 sagardo
Son of Man

Mail-order booze is a marvelous thing. It allowed Son of Man to mail a bottle of its Basque-style cider from Oregon's Columbia River Gorge to me in Vermont's Green Mountains. Upon opening, the bottle then transported my mind farther eastward, to Spain, where I first fell in love with this funky-sour beverage after witnessing locals lifting bottles as high as their arms would allow for a carefree pour that aerates the drink on its way to a glass (and, inevitably, the floor). As good as Son of Man's Sagardo is — and it is good — what really gets me is its unique notched cork, which lets you execute such a pour with some precision. — Tanner Bowden, Senior Staff Writer


Singlecut Plaintop Pilsner

singlecut plaintop pilsner

In the summer I tend to gravitate towards lighter beers. DDH IPAS combined with the intense heat of NYC summer make me fall asleep. This pilsner from Singlecut is a perfect drink to enjoy while staying cool (and awake). — Hunter D. Kelley, Associate Designer


Flying Embers Kombucha

flying embers kombucha
Flying Embers

I find myself frequently craving an alcoholic beverage I can crack open and sip on that isn’t beer or a hard seltzer, and Flying Embers kombucha has filled that role really nicely. The funkiness of the kombucha makes for a unique flavor, but the carbonation and added flavors (as well as the alcohol) make it really pleasant for sipping on while taking your time. Some of the flavors work better than others, and it’s not really a beverage I’d want to crush several of at one time or take to a party, but the interesting flavors and pleasant body make it the perfect drink for relaxing after work, or sipping on in the evening with a small group of friends. Plus, the drinks contain whole plant botanicals and probiotics while containing zero sugar and carbs, meaning that you can feel good about having a few. — Scott Ulrich, Platforms Producer


Easy Wine

easy wine pink beer
Easy Wine

The folks at Shacksbury Cider make a mean can of cider, and they're just now getting into canned wines. Easy Wine is a 5.8 percent ABV rosé that's like a mix between a spritz — rosé mixed with sparkling water — and a piquette — a low-ABV wine made with leftover grapes from the wine-making process. The wine is light and refreshing, and it still has a decent enough booze content to bring about a nice buzz. — Tyler Chin, Associate Staff Writer


D.M. Sparkling Rosé

dm brut rosé
D.M. Brut

As much as I hate to hear about "rosé all day," I do have to say this sparking rosé numbs the sting of the saying. D.M., or Dom Maria, partnered with the Brazilian winery Casa Valduga, which was started by one of the earliest Italian immigrants in Brazil. While this is not legally "Champagne," the wine is made in the traditional champenoise method with 60 percent chardonnay and 40 percent pinot noir. It's effervescent, dry and fruity, and with a few bottles of these at home, it really is rosé all day. — Tyler Chin, Associate Staff Writer


Grimm 3rd Anniversary Triple IPA

grimm 3rd anniversary triple ipa

Drinking a triple IPA in a heat wave is probably not the smartest idea, but when that triple IPA is to celebrate Grimm Artisanal Ale's third anniversary in its Brooklyn home, then pour me a pint. The beer is triple dry hopped, first with Mosaic, then Citra, then Nelson and Strata. The hop bomb brings the IPA up to a not-so-light 10.33 percent ABV (get it?) that still drinks surprisingly easy (think the flavors of a tropical smoothie with the consistency of orange juice with pulp). After I'm done with my four pack, I'm going to take it easy with some lagers. — Tyler Chin, Associate Staff Writer


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