Compostable & Versatile: Hiker’s Brew is The Best Way to Make Coffee When Camping

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Hikers Brew

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Few have perfected their recipe for cowboy coffee – and even fewer care to do so. Luckily, the innovative team behind Hiker’s Brew Coffee has eliminated the hassle altogether. With a variety of “Venture Pouches,” Hiker’s Brew has created a truly eco-friendly coffee that is one part sustainable and one part convenient, wholly reimagining what your camping coffee kit should look like.

Built to fuel your hike, trail run or lazy stroll through the backcountry, these compostable coffee pouches are a far cry from instant coffee. So whether you’re driving in or packing out, discover what makes Hiker’s Brew the easiest and best way to make coffee while camping.

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Hikers Brew

The Backstory

From Packaging to Bean: Hiker’s Brew Celebrates Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Coffee

Hiker’s Brew Coffee is driven by a small team of young entrepreneurs. The brand was built around a focus on creating sustainable coffee for outdoor enthusiasts and reimagining what eco-friendly coffee packaging should look like. As a result, it launched a variety of smart products, including its popular Venture Pouches. Each multi-use, 36-gram pouch yields four six-ounce cups of coffee. The brew itself is organic, fair trade and medium-grind to ensure you never sacrifice flavor on the road.

The pouches’ exterior is made of a completely compostable (ASTM D6400 Certified) shell. So between the coffee and its packaging, Hiker’s Brew allows users to double down on their trail-side sustainability. Plus, the team also offers full Basecamp Bags of the same organic, fair trade whole bean coffee for any lucky adventurists with access to a coffee grinder. Housed in the same compostable packaging, both the Venture Pouches and Basecamp Bags carry the team’s vision of a more sustainable coffee future.

The Gist

No Matter the Method: This Is The Best Coffee for Camping

One of the best things about the Venture Pouches is they can be used in a variety of camping coffee setups. Each pouch can be used in a drip, french press, aero press, percolate, pour-over or cowboy coffee system so you’ll never need to stray from your usual coffee kit. To use, simply add the pre-ground coffee and boiling water to your preferred device and enjoy.

Moreover, the Venture Pouches also come in six unique flavors. The four flavored options include varieties with tasting notes like “savory, salted caramel” and “delicate, rich, vanilla,” but there are also standard medium and dark roast options to choose from.


From Pour-Over to Cowboy: This Coffee is Truly Built for Anything

While instant coffee curmudgeons and fans alike may still see the Venture Pouches as an extra step away from their usual, ultimate convenience, Hiker’s Brew argues there’s something special about the actual act of brewing your cup outdoors. Frankly, we’d agree that there’s something to be said for the taste of a more intentional cup of java. Plus, since the pouches fit such a wide range of systems – and feature fully compostable packaging – it’s still fair to call them the easiest way to make coffee while camping.

Moreover, it’s easy to justify supporting a venture that’s so sustainable and committed to sourcing such high-quality organic, fair-trade beans. So pick your flavor, pack it up and make sure to cash in on these cool beans.

Price: $15


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