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The Balvenie’s New Scotch Is Old and Rare — And One of the Best Things We Drank Last Month

As part of its new Rare Marriages collection, The Balvenie Twenty-Five is a highly coveted expression that we wish everyone could try.

someone pouring the balvenie twenty five scotch whiskey
The Balvenie

Every month, a huge amount of booze comes across our desks — beer, wine and a whole lot of whiskey. We taste it all, and we only share the best of the best. This month: a cider that's made with a natural wine legend, a non-alcoholic wine alternative for the summer and more.

The Balvenie Twenty-Five

the balvenie twenty five scotch whisky
The Balvenie

The first time I heard of The Balvenie was when the Scotch brand collaborated with the late Anthony Bourdain on a series of videos called Raw Craft. Once I became old enough to drink, The Balvenie was one of my first Scotch experiences, and it was a huge pleasure to get to sample the brand's newest expression the Twenty-Five, which is part of the brand's Rare Marriages collection, comprising the Twenty-Five, as well as The Balvenie Thirty and The Balvenie Forty. The youngest expression of the collection has all the makings of an extra-aged whiskey — so depth, maturity and intricacy — but an overwhelming lightness that makes this feel like an everyday sipper. If only it didn't retail for $800. — Tyler Chin, Associate Editor


Del Maguey Las Milpas Mezcal

del maguey las milpas mezcal

If you've been exploring mezcal in any way, getting your hands on some single village Del Maguey is a must. You'll notice subtle differences in Las Milpas that you won't find anywhere else — every mezcal speaks to its specific terroir, in this case, high above San Dionisio Ocotepec in Oaxaca, Mexico. Just remember, with mezcal, you sip don't shoot. — Will Porter, Commerce Writer

Price: $77


Great Jones Straight Bourbon

great jones straight bourbon
Great Jones

Nine times out of ten I will default to drinking rye whiskey (and the team at Great Jones distilled an excellent one), but when it comes to their stellar assortment, the Straight Bourbon surprises me most. Unlike most bourbons I've had, there is a light, white pepper finish here that is undoubtedly the star of the show. It's just so seductive from the very first sip. If you like bourbon but are looking for something a little adventurous, you need to give this a shot (literally). — Matthew Pastorius, Business Development Manager


Redbreast Kentucky Oak Edition

redbreast kentucky oak edition

Redbreast is an Irish whiskey brand that, with its new release, gets a little American love. As part of a future collection of American oak-aged Irish whiskeys, Redbreast put out its Kentucky Oak edition. Matured in American oak bourbon barrels and Spanish Oloroso sherry butts, the whiskey is finished for three to seven months in American oak sourced from Kentucky's Taylor Family's Elk Cave Farm, prized for its high-quality white oak. The resulting whiskey is a 101-proof juice that is a little bit Irish and a little bit American. Expect baking spices and stone fruit on the palate and a delicious wood scent on the nose. — Tyler Chin, Associate Editor


Pendleton Directors' Reserve

pendleton directors' reserve premium whisky

A delightful whiskey absolutely worth sippin' slow when you've got some time, the Directors' Reserve from Pendleton is aged for 20 years in American oak barrels and finished off with glacier-fed spring water from Oregon's Mt. Hood. Its notes range from toasted coconut and cinnamon on first whiff to apple, pear and banana once you take a few sips. — Will Porter, Commerce Writer

Price: $200


Schönramer Hell

schönramer helles lager

During my pilgrimage back to the country's best beer festival, it was a traditional German brewery that was one of my favorites. At 5 percent ABV, this Helles lager truly hit the spot on the warm day spent (mostly) tasting hazy IPAs. It was crisp, clean and was truly a treat — if you come across it, do yourself a favor and order some. — Ryan Brower, Senior Commerce Editor


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