Tasting Notes: Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Reposado Tequila

Small Batches and Pretty Bottles


Milagro makes a full range of quality tequilas – silver, reposado and anejo – each distilled in small batches from 100% blue agave grown in the Jalisco highlands. In addition to the base lineup, Milagro offers its line of Select Barrel Reserve tequilas, which are produced from hand-selected agave meeting specific quality requirements.

Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Reposado ($50+) starts with the roasting of pinas (the heart of the agave plant) in traditional clay ovens. It’s not cheap, or quick, but this old-world method imparts an earthy agave flavor in the tequila. Once roasted, pressed and fermented, the resulting agave juice is triple distilled and then aged for 10 months in French oak. From there, it enters the bottle – and in the case of Select Barrel Reserve expressions – a hand-blown, hand-painted bottle crafted from artisan glass.

Underneath some top notes of alcohol (let the tequila sit for a few minutes while these fade), the reposado shows aromas of oak, agave and pepper. Dive in to uncover flavors ranging from vanilla and white pepper to cinnamon and honey. It’s a bit thin, but very smooth, and it finishes with dry notes of agave, spice and earth.

There are certainly other good reposados on the market for less money, but overall, the Milagro is quality stuff. And hey, we’re suckers for great packaging.

Buy Now: $50

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