The Best Things We Drank Last Month

A mountain of booze passes through the Gear Patrol office every month.


Every month, a huge amount of booze moves through the Gear Patrol offices — beer, wine and a whole lot of whiskey. Here are a few of our favorites.

Allagash Two Lights

While Allagash is not the first to use sauvignon blanc must (the freshly pressed juice of the grapes) in a beer, they’ve come close to perfecting it with Two Lights. The Maine brewery didn’t stop there — the beer is fermented with both lager and champagne yeast, resulting in a light, bubbly, tart, dry, and fruity (tropical, pear and grape) flavor. At 6.7 percent ABV, it’s unlike anything we’ve tasted. Drink on a warm summer day (or night) by the water.

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Wild Turkey Cornerstone Rye

Released annualy, Master’s Keep is Wild Turkey’s highest-end release. Cornerstone Rye is the first rye in the Master’s Keep collection and the most mature rye whiskey Wild Turkey has ever released (a mix of barrels aged 9 to 11 years). It’s exceptional with an ice cube or two, but those who drink it neat will be rewarded. Where younger ryes present pepper and spice on the nose and palate, Cornerstone offers dark fruit, honey and a little chocolate. The classic rye spiciness isn’t felt until the finish, which is as long as any rye out there. That being said, the $175 price tag isn’t so nice. Available August, buy this as a gift to someone who knows whiskey.

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TRVE Brewing Company Cold

Another previously-released beer getting the can treatment for the first time. This Kellerpils-Style is not your typical lager: it blends 100 percent Colorado malt with 100 percent Czech Saaz hops and Czech lager yeast. The result is a light golden color, pillowy soft mouthfeel and a hint of sweetness that cuts through the pilsner spice. In other words, it is extremely crushable (4.9 percent ABV doesn’t hurt, either). It’s a great alternative to the macro lagers of the world.

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