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Ginvent Calendar

A worthy supplement to eggnog

Master of Malt

Ah, the Advent Calendar. A clever vehicle for teaching children the values of Christianity, patience, and that bingeing on 24 chocolates and then framing the dog is an acceptable — nay, glorious — action. In a great American tradition, Master of Malt has bastardized this holiday fun by subsituting vice. It’s the Ginvent Calendar (~$129), and it’s incredible.

By teaming up with the Gin Blog, Masters of Malt has created a calendar of 24 hidden 3-ounce samples of delicious gin sure to make your cheeks cherry red, your well-feasted belly warm and tingly — for an entire month. We can’t identify what gins will be in the Ginvent Calendar because they’ve been kept secret (an ingenious move by its makers), but we’ve been promised both major names and artisanal treasures. Now that the ball’s rolling though, what’s to stop an army of knockoffs (nudge, nudge)? Just think how terrible next year’s wintry season would be if we were forced to pry open calendars of cigars, scotch and craft beer every day. Oh, the humanity.

Update: As if a day-by-day celebration of gin and the holidays wasn’t enough, Master of Malt has just released a Whiskey Advent Calendar (~$241). Secret Santa, can you hear us? We want this.

Buy Now: Ginvent ~$129 | Whiskey ~$241

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