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This $10 Whiskey Glass Is as Nice as It Is Affordable

A glass this cheap shouldn't be this nice.

nude glass v cut
Nude Glass

Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: sleek Japanese step ladders, your new favorite whiskey glasses and more.

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1 Blue #2 Funayuki Gyutou 180mm (7.1")
Chubo Knives

Every home cook should own a Japanese kitchen knife, and I'm going to heed my own advice. Japanese knife retailer Chubo partnered with Akira-Saku, a father-son blacksmith team, to collaborate on a range of kitchen knives. The gyuto, similar to a Western-style all-purpose chef's knife, is most people's entry-point into the Japanese knife world. This one is made from blue steel #2, a type of steel that can retain a seriously sharp edge for a long time. Also, it just looks really cool, especially with that oak wood handle.

2 Caldera Whisky Glasses (4-Pack)
Nude Glass
Nude Glass

Apparently Monday was National Scotch Day in the US. In celebration, Nude Glass made these v-cut rocks glasses. They're fashioned with an indent inside that offers a subtle amount of elegance. At $10 a glass, they're a fairly affordable way to enjoy your whiskies. I'll be sure to remember the next booze holiday so I can raise a toast with this refined glass.

3 Patagonia Provision Spices

Patagonia's do-good attitude extends beyond its apparel and gear business. Patagonia Provisions is the brand's marketplace for sustainable, responsibly sourced food like tinned fishes and pure maple syrup. Its latest endeavor is a trio of spices. Actually, it's two spice blends — for chimichurri and taco seasoning — with their base being aji molido, which is also sold on its own. The spice is a ground red Argentine chili with a smoky, mellow flavor. The website suggests sprinkling some on almost anything, and I think I will do just that.

4 Avocado Vase
Ilex Studio

I think a lot of quarantiners have gone about growing their own produce. The closest I've gotten is regrowing my old scallions. I think my next step is to grow a full-blown avocado tree in my New York apartment. That probably won't work out, but hey, this avocado vase could be the start of a very tasty science experiment or a dainty desk mate.

5 Lucano Lightweight Japanese Step Ladder
Hasegawa Ladders

Do yourself a favor and buy a step ladder before you break your neck. Hasegawa is the ladder company of Japan. Its ladders are lightweight, thanks to an aluminum build, and the ladders make safety a priority with skid-free feet, slip-resistant steps and a safety latch. Unlike your standard step ladder, Hasegawa's are attractive enough to keep out for display purposes. But they do fold up for good measure.

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