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Virgil Abloh-Designed Furniture and 7 More Home and Design Releases

For the hypebeast looking to improve their living situation.

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Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: a "The Queen's Gambit"-worthy chess set, a cover to hide your ugly tissue boxes and more.

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1 Virgil.Abloh.Vitra.Basic.Space
Shelby Cooper Photography

For the first time, US customers have the opportunity to buy a trio of Vitra products co-designed by artistic director of Louis Vuitton's men's wear collection (among many other titles) Virgil Abloh. The collection is a follow-up to their first collaboration in Europe during Art Basel in 2019, and will feature the same three products —the Jean Prouvé Antony Chair ($2,789), the Petite Potence Wall Light ($1,789), and a Virgil Abloh-designed ceramic brick ($179) — but in a baby blue colorway. The chair and wall light are limited to 150 pieces each, and the brick is limited to 999 pieces. The idea behind the collection is Abloh's hope to bring classic design pieces to a new generation. And with so many young people seeking out anything Abloh designs or co-signs, there's no doubt that a new legion of home and design admirers is about to crop up.

2 Hot Ones Nugget Honey

Not everyone can handle their hot sauce. Just watch an episode of First We Feast's Hot Ones, and you'll see. The latest release from the web series isn't a sauce but a hot honey. Hot Ones makes the new Nugget Honey with Barr Hill gin infused with Pepper X, a hot pepper created by Ed Currie, the guy who developed the infamous Carolina reaper. The Pepper X-infused gin is then mixed with pure alfalfa honey from Wyoming's Wind River Valley. On a heat scale of one to 10, Heatonist rates it at a lukewarm four. So drizzle this on anything that could use a sweet and spicy hit. To sum up the spicy honey best, I'll quote Def Leppard. "[It's] hot, sticky sweet." I just don't know if I want this from my head to my feet.

3 Revival The Tabletop Collection
Revival Rugs

Revival Rugs recently dropped the "Rugs" from its name, and it's probably for the best. While the brand started out making well-made rugs with beautiful designs, it's been branching out into new parts of the home. Earlier this year it was furniture, and now it's tabletop accessories — table runners, glassware and handwoven reed fiber goods. Each piece of the collection is handmade by artisans in either Morocco or India, which is how Revival can keep the prices so reasonable. Every non-rug release from Revival has been keeping us on our toes. As the brand's co-founder and CEO Ben Hyman told us, "We're always thinking about building from the rug up. Rugs are our hero product, and maybe the most complex textile to make. In 2021 we'll be leveraging that experience and adding additional textile products, as well as broadening our selection of table top items and accent furniture." So until then, we'll just be decking out our coffee tables, dining tables and, well, anything with a tabletop.

4 Aplós

A new hemp-infused spirit is about to give you a new type of buzz. Aplós is an alcohol free spirit that contains 20 milligrams of hemp per serving, which the brand claims will get you into a state of calm shortly after drinking. Lynnette Marrero, a James Beard honoree and master mixologist, helped bring Aplós to light. According to the product description, it's citrus-forward with hints of ginger and rosemary, and one reviewer noted they liked it just as much as Campari.  Enjoy it straight up or mix it in any one of these Aplós-recommended cocktails.

5 Graf Lantz Tissue Box Cover
Graf Lantz

I was looking at my tissue box the other day and realized just how ugly it is in my bathroom. Sorry, Kleenex, but your package designs just really clash with everything I own. I found Graf Lantz after someone turned me on to its merino wool coasters, and then I came across its tissue box covers. You can learn more about the benefits of wool on Graf Lantz website — like how it contains lanolin and keratin, which are antibacterial and antimicrobial agents — but all that matters to me is that they look really, really good.

6 Draymond Green x Larq
RC Rivera Studio LLC

Not everyone cleans their reusable water bottles regularly, so while you're doing something good for the planet, you aren't doing that much good for your body. Larq is known for its water bottles that use patented LED technology to kill 99.99% of germs in water right inside the bottle.  Golden State Warrior player, and three-time NBA champion, Draymond Green has joined Larq as its new brand ambassador, and they're marking their new partnership with an exclusive colorway, dubbed the DG23 Edition. While the design is cool — a two-tone blue colorblock — it's what sales of the bottle support that makes this extra noteworthy. One percent of proceeds of the Draymond Green-edition bottle goes towards  501CTHREE, a nonprofit that's dedicated to finding a solution to climate change through technology. 

7 Man Ray Chess Set
Design Within Reach

In the beginning of the pandemic, everyone was buying jigsaw puzzles. And now, because of the success of the Netflix show "The Queen's Gambit," everyone's trying to play chess. Chess' popularity is so high now that finding a set is just as hard as following along to a game between to chess grandmasters. Well, some sets are still available like this $680 one from Design Within Reach. (Don't get us started on the $4,000 set from Prada.) The Emmanuel Radnitzky-designed set doesn't feature your standard-looking chess pieces. Radnitzky, also known as Man Ray, was an American visual artist who turned a typical chess set into surrealist art. Each piece reflects the man's love for art and Surrealism, with some taking direct inspiration from his life. If you're only into chess right now because of a television show, this may not be the board for you. However, even as someone who still has no interest in playing chess after watching "The Queen's Gambit," I wouldn't mind finding this under my Christmas tree.

8 Brain Dead x Modernica Headcase Study Table
Brain Dead
Brain Dead

These days, streetwear brands are branching out from clothing and invading every part of your life. Blame it on Supreme, which notoriously slaps its box logo on anything from bricks to cell phones. But sometimes, a brand nails it with their collaborative pieces. Take Brain Dead, for example, which released a table with Modernica. The tabletop is fashioned in the shape of the streetwear brand's logo, and for some reason I really want it. The made-in-USA maple plywood table is foldable (why would you want to hide it?), and its frame is made of zinc-plated steel. Whoever buys this probably already has the Brain Dead green checkered rug, too.

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