Take Your Grill Game to the Next Level with Kalamazoo

The Hybrid Fire Grill allows you to cook with any combination of gas, wood or charcoal for unlimited possibilities.

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Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill

Some of the best memories of summer are spent gathered around the grill with a cold beverage in hand. If you are still working with that rusted old kettle grill that you should have thrown out years ago, then now is the time to upgrade. For the only grill you will ever need, look no further than the Hybrid Fire Grill from Kalamazoo. This high-performance grill allows you to cook with any combination of gas, wood and charcoal so that you don't have to tailor your recipes to your grill — this grill can tailor itself to your recipe. Whether you want the precision and consistency of cooking with gas or are looking to switch it up and experience the flavors you get with live-fire cooking, this grill has you covered. For more on the Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill and everything else you need for backyard BBQ season, read on below.

High Performing

With heavy, cast-bronze burners and heat circulation to which other grills aspire, this is one of the highest performing grills on the market. The grill’s Dragon Burners have an operating range of 250°F to 750°F, giving you all the power you’ll ever need. Plus, it's the only gas grill designed around a deep firebox, so you’ll get the evenest heat you’ve ever experienced.


Cook with any combination of gas, wood and charcoal for unlimited possibilities. From searing at 1,000°F over charcoal to smoking low and slow, there isn’t a cut of meat you can’t tackle this summer.

Made in America

Each Kalamazoo product is handcrafted with pride in Michigan by expert artisans who have spent a lifetime honing their skills. So, not only is this grill an absolute machine, but it's also elegant and a statement piece for your backyard.

Price: $15,995+


Build Your Kit

While there is no doubt that the grill is the most important part of grilling season, there are some accessories that can take your experience to the next level. From the best knives to make the experience of prepping your meal a pleasant one, to the charcoal that will burn hotter and longer on your Kalamazoo grill, we have you covered. And if it's inspiration you need, check out the Food and Fire cookbook for ideas of new creations that will take your grill game up a notch.

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Hybrid Fire Grill
kalamazoo hybrid fire grill

Price: $15,995


Kalamazoo Quebracho Charcoal
kalamazoo quebracho charcoal

Price: $65


Food + Fire Grillmaster’s Cookbook
food fire grillmasters cookbook

Price: $50


Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Knives
kalamazoo outdoor gourmet knives

Price: $425+


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