The Best Gifts for Your Clients, Coworkers or Bosses

Land that promotion in no time.


Gift giving at the holidays is so tired, overworn, cliché. It’s sad! Overrated! Don’t fall prey to the trappings of modern consumeristic trends, because you’re more generous than that. Smarter than that. If you really want to wow your clients, coworkers or boss, give them something special in March. Or April. Why now? They’ll ask. Because you’re worth it, you reply, and that new title, next deal or big raise will shortly ensue.

The Best Gifts for Your Clients


Clients can be super tricky to buy gifts for. They tend not to be friends or family (if you’re smart), but they are the ones that bring in the capital for your business. You don’t want to go too outlandish and seem desperate, but you don’t want to insult them with a thoughtless gesture. So, regardless of whether you have the clients from heaven or clients that make going to the dentist seem enjoyable, it’s important to let them know you appreciate their business. These gifts should close the deal handily.

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The Best Gifts for Your Coworkers


Fact: You spend more time with your coworkers than your family and friends. Which means you know them very well, and you should treat them very well. These are the gifts to do just that. Affordable and professional, they’re ideal for celebrating a new contract, or for redeeming yourself after the debauchery of a work happy hour.

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The Best Gifts for Your Bosses


We don’t know what your relationship with your boss is. But if you’re planning on getting him or her a gift, it’s a safe bet you’re pretty tight. While you might feel the need to get them something personal, that route risks missing the mark. Also, don’t spend too much, but spring for something well made. Buy something that makes their life easier, but don’t get something so practical it’s boring. It’s all a delicate balancing act of generosity and practicality. For those still unsure, here’s a short guide to some solid boss-appropriate gifts to show your appreciation for the paycheck mentorship.

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