The Best Gifts for Your Friends and Loved Ones

Show your love all year-round.


Gift giving at the holidays is so tired, overworn, cliché. It’s sad! Overrated! Don’t fall prey to the trappings of modern consumeristic trends, because you’re more generous than that. Smarter than that. If you really want to wow your friends, family or girlfriend, give them something special in March. Or April. Why now? They’ll ask. Because you’re worth it, you reply, and all the love and adoration in the world will shortly ensue.

The Best Gifts for Your Friends


Your friends are there for you through life’s ups and downs, so it’s sometimes good to step back and show your appreciation. And note: this is different from buying the next round or filling up the gas tank — it’s a chance to highlight their interests. Think outside of the box and look for gifts that are slightly more esoteric, detailed or unique. They are, in fact, for the people you share the strongest platonic bonds with. Let your gift(s) reflect that.

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The Best Gifts for the Dudes in Your Family


Dudes in your family can be fickle, so it’s best to pick a gift that works across a broad spectrum of the male population. Alcohol is a great pick most times; tech is a slam dunk; and anything related to food tends to land solidly. We picked our favorites from each of those categories to make your life easier and increase the odds of locking down the ever-elusive perfect gift.

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The Best Gifts for Your Girlfriend


When it comes to buying a gift for your other half, it’s easy to go overboard. Jewelry and other romantic gestures may seem obligatory, but, more often than not, it’s the practical items that are most appreciated and most often used. Whether it’s a high-tech hair dryer or a book of fresh, wholesome recipes, these are the gifts your girlfriend wants — but would never think to ask for.

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